Trevor Noah tries to explain Trump's 'ObamaGate' conspiracy. Desi Lydic 'FOXsplains' it.

Trevor Noah tries to explain Trump's 'ObamaGate' conspiracy. Desi Lydic 'FOXsplains' it."For months now, everyone has been asking: When will things just get back to normal?" Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show. "Well, President Trump hasn't been great at doing the things that could help make that happen -- you know, like expanding testing," he said, "but there is one part of getting back to normal that Trump is definitely an expert in, and that's conspiracy theories." For anyone missing the wondrous days when news cycles were routinely hijacked by "some far-out conspiracy theory that Trump had dreamed up about his enemies," Noah said, "well, good news, those happy days are here again with a brand-new conspiracy Trump and Fox News are calling 'ObamaGate.'""Fox News hasn't been this excited since the last time Colin Kaepernick bent down to tie his shoes, but here's the basic idea of what this is about," Noah said: After the 2016 election, the intelligence community discovered that Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, "was having secret conversations with foreign powers. And now, you might be wondering why those shady conversations were happening in the first place, but that's not important! Keep up! The important part is that they investigated it, and that's what has everyone in Trumpworld so excited right now, because there's new documents that shed light on what happened during that investigation."What do they show? Well, "basically, what the Obama administration did was a standard government procedure that happens thousands of times a year," Noah said. "But that isn't stopping Donald Trump from proposing his favorite solution to any problem: Lock them up." Trump defenders also claim someone illegally leaked Flynn's name and argue Flynn did nothing materially wrong, but "you know what? The full conspiracy theory's actually pretty complicated. I mean, it's too much for my little brain. But luckily, our very own Desi Lydic volunteered to watch Fox News nonstop so that she could help break this ObamaGate scandal down." Watch her "FOXplain" the "scandal" below. More stories from The next phase of America's coronavirus problem is a massive housing crisis 5 hilarious cartoons about Trump's vague 'Obamagate' allegations The conservative victimhood complex has made America impossible to govern

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