TikTok teens dress up as grandmas and use medical masks to buy booze

TikTok teens dress up as grandmas and use medical masks to buy boozeWhen God closes a door he opens a window. Teenagers have lost out on many of life’s experiences due to the coronavirus pandemic, but an enterprising few have at least found a way to get drunk and buy alcohol without the need for a fake ID. Members of ‘Gen Z’ worldwide are taking advantage of mandatory mask weaning in public to conceal their faces and fool shop assistants in to selling them booze. Some have even gone as far as to disguise themselves as pensioners, wearing granny wigs, makeup and even a fetching cardigan to complete the ensemble. After all, what are the odds a shopkeeper will ask an elderly, vulnerable person to remove their mask in the middle of a pandemic. And as with all clever ideas among teenagers, the stunt has become a social media phenomenon, particularly on TikTok. Videos teaching kids how to pull off the prank are racking up millions of views. TikToker @aamandaward specifically advised enterprising teens to keep their masks on while making their purchases: “PSA: use your fakes as much as possible [right now because] if you wear a mask they can’t see your whole face lol.”

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